You Management

You Management

Maybe you’ve heard the saying that “Time Management” is really “You Management.” Everyone has the same number of hours in the day, so saying “I have no time” is really not about time, it’s about priorities. It’s about YOU.

Maybe you’ve also heard (from me) that your wellness and any wellness plan you develop is also all about YOU so this is also “You Management.”

Point of the story….it’s all about YOU. Don’t you feel special?

Here is the issue with managing your time and your priorities.

“Real me” wants to do X, but “Should be me” wants to do Y. This creates tension.

You’ve had those moments when the kids are all settled in bed for the day, the house is quiet and all you want to do is collapse on the couch and watch Netflix but you have this voice saying: “do the dishes, fold the laundry….” You give in one way or the other, but either way you feel that you’re neglecting something.

Here’s a secret, neither one of these things is right or wrong. In any given moment, one might be more important to you than the other.  Some days, you know that getting the dishes done before you go to bed means a smoother morning, so it’s worth it. Other nights you know your brain is fried and everything in you is craving a night of TV binge-watching, so screw the dishes.

Managing your time is a balance of priorities. Your priorities are YOUR priorities (because, remember, it’s all about you) and priorities are not the same from day-to-day. You have the ability to choose based on what is important to you in that moment.

Managing your wellness is the same. YOUR life, YOUR priorities. If you are working towards a specific goal, you may not be giving in to momentary temptations that will hinder that goal. This is not denying your own needs or wants, it is saying yes to a more important priority that is also yours.

Pay attention to “Should be me,” because she is part of you, but don’t assume that “Real me” is always wrong.

Both voices are part of you. And you are important.


Original article appeared at Rachel Aldrich Rader. Reprinted with permission.

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