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Chocolate Cherry Bling

Plant-Based and Sassy!

Get ready for all the feels with this Chocolate Cherry Empact Bar.

Sassy, sophisticated, and all things feminine. As the saying goes, don't get between a girl and her chocolate - or her goals.

This is more than a bar, it's a statement. Our goal - permissible candy. Unsweetened Tart Cherries (that's right NO High Fructose Corn Syrup or Apple Juice), Cocoa Powder, and yummy superfoods...I mean, c'mon! Totally delish, right? Plus it has fermented plant protein to help promote and maintain lean muscle as well as ingredients that make it a good fiber source.

We're not saying it's euphoric, but we do think it will improve your mood, while giving you a kick of energy, and making your day a little more playful.

One box includes 10 delicious Chocolate Cherry Bling Empact Bars.

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Delicious Vanilla Cinnamon Protein

  • ZERO Sugar and NO artificial sweeteners.
  • There’s no aftertaste or weird smell.
  • It doesn’t make you feel bloated or upset your stomach.
  • No soy or dairy. It's Vegan.
  • Reishi Mushroom can boost immune systems, help stress.
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Empact Is More Than Protein Bars

Yes, we make delicious protein bars for women, but at the end of the day, we’re about much more than that. We’re about empowering you to achieve the impossible, providing the energy in your pursuit for greatness. 

Empowering women doesn’t just mean breaking the status quo. It means strengthening families, homes, businesses, governments. We’re just a little company that makes little protein bars, but don’t let the polka dots fool you, because we mean business.

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We’re Just Getting Started...

It’s our goal to inspire healthy choices and make an impact on the lives of women everywhere, helping you find the best version of yourself along the way. As we expand and grow, not only will the organizations we work with expand, but we will be able to empower + impact more and more women.

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We’re in this together

We started Empact with the mission to make an impact on our families and communities, for times just like this. During this time of uncertainty and food scarcity we all get to step up. Everytime you purchase, you send life-saving food to a family in need.

You got this! We got this!

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