Fermented Pea + Rice Protein

Ground breaking fermented plant protein. Complete protein, high in BCAA's essential for rebuilding muscle tissue. No whey or Soy. No junk. Our fermented pea protein is helpful for people who exercise and are physical. Plus, it is high in lysine, which supports firmer skin. It is recommended that 40% of BCAA’s come from Leucine. With 44% of BCAA’s coming from Leucine, our bars and shakes are the perfect source of clean energy.


Medium-Chain-Triglycerides are plant fats found in tropical fruit. They can provide extra energy, mental clarity and help fight cravings. MCTs are converted into energy for your muscles and your brain.

Chicory Root

Prebiotic fiber that promotes healthy bacteria growth in the gut and helps your body absorb nutrients.


Contains polysaccharides that can promote liver health for improved detoxing. Supports occasional stress and can boost the immune system. Can also help fight depression and fatigue.

Monk Fruit

This ancient Chinese “lo han guo” is named after the monks who first cultivated it centuries ago and is a small melon. It has no calories and carbs, does not raise glucose levels, but it is sweeter than sugar.


This natural sweetener has zero glycemic impact, zero net carbs, and is clinically proven for weight/body fat loss. It also inhibits fat absorption. And it tastes better than sugar!


Sweet, warm spice, loaded with powerful antioxidants such as polyphenols.

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