What Do Rhinos and Perfectionism Have to Do with Being a Woman?

What Do Rhinos and Perfectionism Have to Do with Being a Woman?

I saw an image in my Facebook feed the other day, maybe you did, too. It’s a cartoon of a rhinoceros running on a treadmill staring up at a poster of a unicorn.

The caption was “Never give up on your dreams.”

Nice message, right?

Going for your dreams is a great message. The image, however, makes me cringe.

Here’s the thing. Rhinos are real. Unicorns? Not so much.

Have you chased after something that wasn’t real? Not just the “perfect” body, which is what seems to be depicted in this cartoon. That’s kind of the obvious correlation, but there are so many more areas where perfectionism can infiltrate our lives without us even realizing it.

Maybe you don’t want the “perfect” body but you want a “better” body and to get that, you are constantly in search of the “perfect” meal plan or workout routine. And when it doesn’t line up with your real life, you feel discouraged.

Maybe it’s the “perfect” schedule or organizational system. Maybe the “perfect” bedtime ritual or potty training strategy for your kids.

Striving for improvement is great. Going for your dreams is amazing.  The search for “perfect” is futile because, like the unicorn, it doesn’t exist. This poor rhino will never fulfill her dream of becoming a unicorn. It’s time for her to reassess her priorities and concentrate on being an awesome rhino.

Be authentic. Be your best YOU. Go for your dreams, not for “perfect."


Original article appeared at Rachel Aldrich Rader. Reprinted with permission.