The Benefits of Eating Clean

The Benefits of Eating Clean

Many thanks to Haley Parrent at Elephant Journal for sharing her blog today! 

As a holistic nutritionist, I work to bring each of my clients to optimal wellness of the mind and body.

We dissect their food and lifestyle habits and uncover the root causes of their health issues. Vitality is what we strive for, which to me is about feeling lively and vibrant, not just being alive.

With the wide selection of nutrition-lacking food available in our modern world, many people go through life not knowing how good their bodies are actually able to feel. We are often overfed but undernourished. Our lives lack the vitality that would be possible if we deeply nourished ourselves with what our bodies need. This vitality translates into greater energy levels, more productivity and happier everyday lives.

I have found that the way in which we nourish ourselves is the way we nourish our lives. Our diet affects more than our physical health, but our emotional health, quality of life and our ability to make shit happen in our lives.

When I used to embark on a health kick, my head was filled with the idea of deprivation, things I couldn’t have or reasons why I needed to punish myself by making better food choices. This approach was not gratifying, nor did it allow me to create a sustainably healthier lifestyle. It wasn’t until my perspective around food and healthy eating shifted that eating well became easier and actually enjoyable. The quality of my life increased as I began to take care of myself, starting with what I was fueling myself with.

I now understand that making changes is not an easy feat with all of the nutrition tips and tools that are available to us now. Contradictory information is everywhere and deciphering what is right for you can seem next to impossible. I am going to share with you some ideas that can help to transform your health, regardless of where you are on your path to health.

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Original article published at Elephant Journal. Reprinted with permission.

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