Melonie DeRose Explains Empact Bars' Vision

Melonie DeRose Explains Empact Bars' Vision

Recovering attorney turned entrepreneur, Melonie DeRose talks about why she created EM+PACT. The company empowering women and girls to make an impact on their communities. These are the cleanest protein bars out there and they are designed specifically for women! That's one part of our mission. The second part extends into our working relationships. We love nothing more than reinforcing a woman's strength and purpose and so we make it our goal to work with some of the strongest and most passionate women around. Thanks for watching and listening. We hope to send our clean, yummy, non-GMO and chemical-free protein bars to you soon!

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We’re in this together

We started Empact with the mission to make an impact on our families and communities, for times just like this.

We work with non-profits that empower women and girls in various ways.

Every time you purchase, you are helping us empower women!

You got this! We got this!

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