Hump Day Motivation Tip: 10 Things to Do When Life Gets Hard

Hump Day Motivation Tip: 10 Things to Do When Life Gets Hard

1. Don't stop taking care of yourself. We tend to eat our emotions, don't we? Continue or begin to eat well, exercise and get enough sleep. Avoiding caffeine can help you do this more effectively

2. Give yourself a break if you are feeling stressed.

3. Avoid (or minimize) drugs and alcohol. Both are only temporary relief and usually end up causing more problems in the long haul.

4. Talk to someone supportive you love or trust about how you are feeling and coping.

5. Focus on what you have to be thankful for, continuously, instead of your problems.

6. Remember that things are always changing and that this won't last forever.

7. Take up meditation. There are various techniques that you can learn to practice different kinds that will work for you.

8. Practice yoga. It can help you stay active, practice a meditative lifestyle as well as be soothing and relaxing depending on the type that you choose to do each day.

9. Breath in and out and focus on your breath. Sometimes our thoughts lead us into places that can really make us feel fearful and depressed, taking us out of reality or even creating more stress and anxiety for us when life is difficult. Taking your focus back to your breath can help you feel present and stay in the moment.

10. Use visual anchors to help you feel grounded, meaning notice things around you that appeal to the senses: things you can touch, see, smell, taste, etc.

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Our many thanks to Healing Love for sharing their thoughts and self-love mission.

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