Finding Empowerment Without Being Empowering

Finding Empowerment Without Being Empowering

I stand for open-hearted honesty, expressed as diplomatically and lovingly as possible. I stand for taking full responsibility for my beliefs, and the actions that follow. I stand for cleaning up our own messes, physical or emotional and not expecting anyone else to do it for us; leaving the campground better than we found it. I stand for walking my talk and being in integrity. I stand for freedom to love who we love, regardless of orientation of any kind. I stand for peaceful resolution to disagreement, without bonking each other over the head literally or metaphorically.

There was a time when I was reactive and sometimes withdrawn from a place of fear and insecurity, rather than responsive from a position of self assurance and calm certainty. Now, I can safely say that the tide has turned in the opposite direction. When once I held back sharing my truth, because I didn’t want to alienate, inconvenience, attract disapproval, rock the boat or make waves, now I am clear that I have the right to do so, even if someone else disagrees, for whatever reason. Does my heart still beat rapidly as I anticipate what might be a ‘difficult conversation’? Sure it does. The only difference is that I feel the fear and do it anyway.

I would rather have authentic communication with anyone in my life that keeps misunderstanding at bay.

Ask yourself: What is your truth?

Our stories may be merely perception, but we live them as if they are truth.


Read the full article at the Elephant Journal. Reprinted with permission.